Firefighter Burns Self With iPad 2 In Ironic Blaze

What's the biggest risk the iPad 2 poses to you? Damage to your wallet? No, damage to your very flesh. Retired firefighter Hector Camacho burned himself while unplugging his new tablet. Now he wishes he "would have bought it". Typical!

We're glad you're OK, Hector! But your local news channel doesn't seem to have quite a sympathetic outlook, dropping stupid local TV gems such as the following:

"He's a former fire fighter, you'd think he'd know about heat and fire."

"He knows about fire, right?"

"Perhaps it gets hot - if you've ever had a laptop, you have to have, kind of a towel or something."

And then, the anchorwoman pulls out an iPad of her own! Right there in the TV studio! Don't you realise you're holding an explosive device?! Put that away, or call a firefighter, who knows about heat and fire!

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