Facial Flex Infomercial Is SFW... But Only Just

Pick your time carefully when choosing to watch this hideous/hilarious infomercial, showing a young woman working her facial muscles. And if you're planning on actually buying one and giving your face a work-out in the office, pick your time even more carefully.

Available on Amazon for $US50 (that 10 bucks off!), it has the laydeez of the Daily Mail forums in a right ol' tizz, with one user - let's call her Foxytail58 - commenting that "the facial flex really does work. I had lost some firmness round my jawline. i am 37 and ok it wasn't terrible but it was making me feel self-concious as I wear my hair up a lot", and adding that even the ladies at work "commented how well I looked then started to say things like, 'Oh you're genetically blessed not to have a saggy face!' Well, how quickly they forgot!"

You heard it from, ahem, the horse's mouth right there, folks. [Amazon via Reddit via Boing Boing]

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