Facebook Joins Earth Day Network To Launch A Green App

Facebook Joins Earth Day Network To Launch A Green App

 title=We’ve been celebrating Earth Month here at Gizmodo, but it’s worth remembering that tomorrow, April 22, is also Earth Day. To try and make a difference, facebook has joined forces with the Earth Day Network to create a green app called “A Billion Acts of Green” in an attempt to get people all over the world engaged with the environment.

The Facebook app allows Facebook users to share with the world what they pledge to do to make the world a better place, be it take public transport or write to their government representative.

While the app is unlikely to make any major difference to the environment, it is trying to promote the idea that every little act helps, whether it be installing solar panels or simply riding a bike to work. The app also doesn’t enforce the pledges (unsurprisingly) so it’s up to individuals to follow through on their promises. I guess that’s probably why they make you share your pledge.

So… What are you planning on doing tomorrow to help the environment?

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