Even Knockoff iPad 2 Smart Covers Aren’t Cheap

Even Knockoff iPad 2 Smart Covers Aren’t Cheap

We get this kind of spam all the time. Usually, not very interesting! But it’s worth noting how much they’re asking for a knockoff iPad 2 smart cover: $US18.49. Kinda pricey for some cheap material and magnets – you almost might as well buy the real thing for $US40.

Hello Dear Friend, How are you today? I am Sally from TopAppo (a professional manufacturer of iPhone&iPad case).

Now we are promoting our sales this week,

Hello Kitty case/hard case with iphone logo: USD0.69/pcs for 300pcs, or USD0.59/pcs for 500pcs, or USD0.49 /pcs for 1Kpcs (picture attached)

Button Sticker: USD0.1 per piece (6pcs in a packing), MOQ is 300pcs, protect your iphone button (have about 50 different kinds logo)

New iphone Horn Stand: USD2.79 per piece including packing (MOQ 100pcs) stand for iphone, raising your iphone invoice

iPad2 high copy leather case: USD10.79 per piece, including packing (MOQ is 100pcs)

Smart Cover for iPad2: USD18.49 per piece, incuding packing (MOQ is 50pcs)

iPad2 clear screen protector: USD0.89 per piece, including packing (MOQ 500pcs)

Besides the above, we also have many other new iphone4 and ipad2 case. If you are interested in, welcome to inquiry me freely please.

Please kindly feel free contact me if any questions or requirements. Then I will feedback you within a few hours.

With best regards!