Do You Fancy The Idea Of A JB Hi-Fi Concept Store?

We all know what a JB Hi-Fi store looks like: lots of product, lots of yellow, lots of discount price tags everywhere you go, and a fair chance you'll get a couple of free DVDs thrown in when you buy a television. But a new concept store opening in Sydney later this month will turn that whole approach on its head.

AustralianIT reports that a new JB store opening in the city centre Westfield mall on April 21 will see technologies sorted by brand rather than by type, effectively creating a series of mini-stores within the overall outlet. It also won't stock DVDs, CDs or games.

If this works well, it could really be impressive: somewhere you can compare serious-brand electronics while not paying premium retailer prices. On the other hand, JB's existing approach has served it pretty well. Does this sound like a good direction for it to go in? Picture by Alpha

[Australian IT]

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