Disguise Those Valuable Power Sockets As A Book

You may be trying to stop pesky house-guests from charging their phones in your lounge, or just want a couple of secret sockets squirrelled away for yourself - either way, this Stekkerboek power board hides away in bookcases, disguised as a tome. Just don't let your guests start browsing your library, and those sockets should be all yours. [Stekkerboek via OhGizmo]


    Wow, the World needs less .. "inventors"

    Patented Universal Output Sockets (Electronics) I was an American living and wonrikg in both India and China for 10 years. When I came back to the States, I had accumulated a number of nice 220-volt tools and equipment that I did not want to part with in 110-Volt USA. This product made it so simple. Select the unit according to the wattage requirement of your equipment. In this case, the 5000 watt LiteFuze allows me to use my 220 volt air compressor, bench grinders, portable heater and other equipment. Simply plug the unit into your 110-volt outlet. The various plug configurations mean you won't need adaptors and the circuit breaker safety protects the unit (although I have never tripped the unit).

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