Consolidate Kitchenware With This Colander-Serving Bowl Hybrid

Every student or kitchen-illiterate manchild knows that the worst part of making mac and cheese or pasta is the straining - either because you don't want another dish to wash or you just plain don't own a colander.

The crowdsourced design site Quirky has an attractive new stainless steel colander-serving bowl hybrid that can appeal to the 20-year-old in all of us while not completely destroying the aesthetic in more civilised kitchens. Unlike some other hybrids, the mechanism to change functions doesn't insert, remove or shift whole sections of bowl, instead relying on a discrete sliding-arm apparatus on one of the handles.

If you haven't heard of Quirky, think of it as a design and engineering version of Kickstarter: a product goes through multiple steps before getting to the presale phase, and once it does it has a target number for preorders before it goes into production. You can preorder the Ventu for $US50 on the Quirky page now. [Quirky via Wired]

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