Can South Australia Go It Alone On The R18+ Games Classification?

Can South Australia Go It Alone On The R18+ Games Classification?
It’s been an interesting afternoon in games classifications-land. First off, the South Australian Attorney General John Rau claimed that he’d support an R18+ rating on the proviso that the MA15+ rating was scrapped. Then Gamespot reported that Rau was claiming South Australia would go it alone and launch an R18+ rating regardless of what the Attorneys-General decided at the next SCAG meeting. Turns out that may not actually be the case.

Mark over at Kotaku has been as excitable as a Mexican jumping bean, jumping from phone interview to phone interview in the quest for clarification on whether or not South Australia could actually break away from the other states to launch its own R18+ classification for games. Turns out that they weren’t claiming they’d go it themselves, but would instead support the Federal Government should it decide to change legislation to force the issue if the AGs failed to reach a unanimous decision.

Serrels also spoke to Ron Curry from IGEA who pointed out that even if South Australia could go it alone, it wouldn’t be logistically possible, as it would require publishers to publish different ratings in different states.

The one conclusion that you can draw is that the issue of adult games classifications is coming to a head, and we should have some form of closure sooner rather than later.