Buy An HD7 And Get Two Free Xbox Games

If you're keen on getting yourself a Windows Phone 7 handset for the Xbox functionality, you'll appreciate the promo Microsoft has just launched. Anybody who buys a Telstra HD7 after April 8 can claim their choice of either two free Xbox games or 3000 Xbox Live points.

The redemption is limited to 5000 prizes and is applicable to phones bought between April 8 and May 31, with the promo closing on June 6. There's no official word on what games are available, although the promo poster includes Halo Reach and Kinect Joy Ride. We'll likely find out when the redemption offer is activated on April 13.

[Microsoft - Thanks Steve!]


    give me an xbox360 and i would be all over that

    I feel bad for those early adopters. Shouldn't they be eligible as well?

      HTC HD7 was only launched recently though...

        Which is a huge shame considering HTC basically just announced the dual core update too.

    damn im switching to Telstra when my iPhone contract expires next month! :)

    Too bad Telstra is charging through the arse for this phone. I had a look at the handset repayments, its cheaper to buy a Mozart and buy yourself a new game every 2 months.

    From the T&C PDF linked on that MS page:
    #6: ... The games offered are Halo Reach (MA 15+) and Kinect Joy Ride (G). The RRP for the two games is $130. Xbox LIVE points have a RRP of $50 ...

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