Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Extra Long Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Extra Long Weekend

What an epic long weekend! Here are some of the stories you may have missed while you weren’t working…

Why Your iPhone Is Secretly Tracking You
It’s a mistake, apparently.

Apple Giving A5 Processor iPhones To Devs For Test Drives
Speed boost FTW!

Fukushima Plant Is (Officially) Dead Forever
It won’t be coming back, zombie style…

7 Simple Ways To Save The World From Home
Start doing them all today!

The Story Of E-Waste: What Happens To Tech Once It’s Trash
And that’s why you recycle!

Leaked Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Due Out This July
Probably a bit later in Australia…

Microsoft’s BSOD Will Actually Be Black In Windows 8
But the acronym will still be valid!

How To Run iPad Apps On Your iPhone
This is kind of useful!