Brazilian Police To Wear Glasses That Scans Faces To Find Criminals

In technology that is lifted straight from Robocop, Brazilian cops will be outfitted with glasses that can scan faces in a crowd and automatically pick out criminals. The glasses use advanced facial recognition technology that can scan 400 faces a second at 50 yards away.

Facial profiling! The glasses scans 46,000 biometric points on a person's face and compares it against a criminal database. When the glasses find a bad guy (it's actually a camera attached to the glasses), a red light pops up inside the glasses and alerts the officer on what to do.

The goal is to start using these Robocop glasses in test runs at crowded events (think soccer games and concerts) so police will be familiar with the technology come 2014 (when Rio de Janeiro hosts the World Cup). A big concern about the World Cup being in Brazil was the security, and if you saw Robocop, you'll know he handled his share of bad guys with ease. Hopefully, they can do the same! [Telegraph]



    Watch out for the Fourth Directive.

    1984 orwelian style of control

      not at all. police should be able to know if someone is a wanted criminal.

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    Rio is not hosting the WC. Brazil is.
    Rio is Olympic city next year.

      No, its London Hosting the 2012 Olympics, Its Brazil (of which the capital is Rio De Janeiro)that is hosting the 2014 world cup.

        Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, not Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, Brazil is hosting both the 2016 Olympics and the 2014 World Cup.

          This is too funny.

            You see, you're all wrong. Brazil is hosting the 2013 Super Cup in it's capitol, Paris. Then hosting the 2021 Olympic Dog Show in it's biggest city, Seattle.

              the capital of brasil is brasilia, look it up

                Please don't feed the troll.

    Sounds totally safe.

    And what's brazilz wireless broadband speed like, thousands cops x 46000 points on a face x 400 faces, that's alot of bits per second

      that's a good point. I'd say the 46000 points are probably processed into a unique identifier... like a MD5, and that would be sent...

      even so, it might not be wireless at all, the database just stored locally on the officer connected to the glasses by wire.

      This, plus false positives combined with heavily armed, undertrained and underpaid (possibly corrupt) cops . . .

      So Alistair you can video chat with other people on phones anywhere there is signal. What is so different about these glasses? Or more likely they take the vital data about the faces and package into some handy little file that isn't even a video and then send that. Or all the criminals are on a database that is in or connected to said glasses. Use your brain or why bother commenting in the first place. Oh wait it is the internet.

    Orwellian? Hey, you break the rules, you pay the consequences. I'd feel happy to be scanned myself. If you have nothing to hide, don't be afraid!

      That's a pathetic argument.

      "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." - Benjamin Franklin

        And how is your freedom "sacrificed" by having your face scanned exactly?

          It is sacrificed by infringing on your fourth amendment rights to unlawful search without either a warrant or probable cause.

          Although these are supposed to be Brazilian, it would only make sense to see them arrive here in the US - the country with the highest number of prisoners per capita in all the world.

          Definitely Orwellian. Definitely Authoritarian. Likely to be applied under modified Fascism.

            And does it infringe on your rights if an officer walking down the street recognizes you from a list of wanted felons? Same situation here, just computer aided.

              It's Brazil numbnuts, they don't have a 4th amendment, and even if they did, scanning your face IN PUBLIC and comparing it to criminal records doesn't infringe on your 4th Amendment rights any more than a cop running your car's license number through his computer infringes on your rights.

      Can I have your Social security number, Visa card number, expiry date, verification number, PIN, and please while you're at it, your whole medical history?


      On top of that what are all your dirty secrets?
      What have you been doing since you've been born?

      What else would be cool?

      Please... privacy is worth more than you seem to care for... rethink your statements.

        Well it seems to me that you just need to give the Police no reason to arrest you, at the end of the day if a young woman walks down the street then it is likely a young man gets a good look at her and if a shifty looking character is lurking about in a public car park of which your vehicle is parked you would keep an eye on him/her there is no difference here at all other than it will save on human resources and will save on a whole lot of paperwork and time therefore government funds

        Your face is already out there it is not private. Everyone walking down the street can see it. Besides I'm sure the USA has been doing this for years and just not telling us :)

        Facebook know it !!!

      It seems to me that your privacy is completely unaffected if some technology scans your face in an environment that's public property.
      Like Geoff said, if you don't have anything to hide, don't be worried. It's a simple statement that says if you're not a criminal, don't be freaked out by a technology meant to catch gangsters, wanted felons and registered terrorists in crowded public areas.

    I call bullshit. With as much as this tech would cost, you really think Brazil is just going to be giving these out to street cops?

    I think more realistically this is just a scare tactic to passively detour the alleged criminal element.

    Much like the simulated security cameras you see installed.

    Oh? There real you say? Whats the model number? who makes them? wheres the pdf link to the user manual.. technical drawings etc..

    Lets see em ;)

      First off for the past couple years you can find facial recognition software on the internet to let you log into your computer just with a shitty $20 web cam. The tech is there it just hasn't been applied at such a "low" enforcement level like street police.

      The cost of a pair of (possibly bad ass looking) sunglasses is only like... $30 if you're not buying oaklies or something.

      The cost of the camera I'd say would possibly be around $100-$170.

      They already have the technology they need to transmit the data to wherever installed in their cop cars so the only extra cost aside from the (roughly) $200 to buy everything would the however much they pay their IT guys to keep that database up and running...

      If you spend $2000 and give it to 100 cops and it catches (on average) 1 "bad guy" every other day (Total, not per person) I'd say that it is a good investment in a new kind of technology that we probably are going to see in America if it works out.

      What are you calling bull shit on?

        probably calling bullshit on the insistence of normal people to help the government (wherever have you) in the creation of a police state similar to those seen in authoritarian Russia and Germany of the past.

        The mindset of "If I'm not doing anything wrong then I've got nothing to worry about..." enables authoritarian regimes to take advantage of their citizens, whom pay the taxes that funds the government which persecutes them.

        At first it was only political dissenters, then the mentally ill, then homosexuals, then gypsies, then Jews, then Poles, then Lithuanians, then Russians. Sound familiar? Germany under Hitler. Nobody had done anything wrong in a traditionally moral, or legal sense; except for standing against what the party line deemed as acceptable.

        History repeats itself. Americans forget history all too easily. As well as not wanting to look in the mirror before pointing the finger abroad.

        Take heed to the man with the Franklin post, for without that warning we will find ourselves in a situation that regular people won't be able to fix.

        Last little bit of food for thought - take count of how many police you see in an average day. Protect and Serve or Prosecute and Scare?

        I wasn't calling BS on the Tech.. But rather them being used in Brazil as stated.

        My original question is still open..

        Whats the model number? Who makes them? Where can you buy? Wheres the documentation. How much did it cost them? Wheres the purchase orders? How many were ordered?


          Your argument is flawed. This is not a point for finding new reasons to arrest people. This is having new ways to track criminals. When the government starts enforcing unjust laws I will rise up. This is more like allowing an officer to have a larger memory of who has committed crimes. It is not adding new people to the list of criminals.

      lord have mercy, i don't think you can go get'em at walmart yet dumbass. ever heard of purpose built tech for government and military? or does every NEW tech that YOU read about HAVE to be OLD tech that YOU have already seen? nothing is new for you eh?
      By the way it's not common practice for companies to IMMEDIATELY release all technical data for new products, especially experimental. let me see you get the tech data for the honda indy car engine. been racing 'em for years but i bet you can't get the true specs. maybe something like it has a piston, a crankshaft, etc. but NOT the real specifics. not even the pit crew has access to such info. they are not allowed to go into the engine, if they have a problem they can only replace with a new one and send the old back.

    Please read the text you are taking it from carefully. This text has so many error and does, the original one is -

    I spy with my little eye hahahaha

    From memory, so plz cut a little slack...

    A technolgy called "eigen faces"(sp?) takes measurements of yer face, compares that to other data points, and computes a ratio between them. The measurements may changes with distanc/scale, but the ratio between them stays constant. The ratio is reduced to a simple number.

    The software then gathers several ratios and compares the numbers to a database. Several numbers are the effectively a numeric description. Close enough match and a human is called to verify the id. The system thus only need send one pic over the air. Unless tagged as a possible match, only a small numeric description needs be sent.

    I also suspect that the math is presented shoddily. Eigen faces require FAR fewer than 46,000 data points. I think they meant 46,000 data points per sec. Divide that by 400 faces per sec gives just more than 100 points per face, still more than what eigen face tech requires. Mebbee they use the higher data rate, mebbee not. I dunno.

    The tech required is amazing and amazingly simple. Low budget video and cheap computers and at least ten years old. Facial recognition was successfully used at the superbowl. Was on teh news. Honest.

    The tech simply matches a stored description to a computed one.The computer simply looks for someone who matches a description, just as a policeman would. A human decides if the person matches the actual picture.

    Big brothers watching you

    nah nah nah nah nah nah nah naaaah

    Wow. Face recognition. Big Brother!

    I admit that identifying criminals is important as it of course saves many lives. It just scares me that eventually, depending on how our State grows, we could end up as a Big Brother culture. Look at England and all the cameras and how they're justified. There will always be justification. I guess we can thank the freakin terrorists that we must live this way.


    American police already do that. They see everything in black and white. (get it?)

      No that's you, Dimwit. They bleed on the streets of NO while you joke about it. Azzhole.

    The intended usage is fine. It's the extended use of this technology that's scary.

    cool idea should be used in the army to for picking out high ranked targets

    So... what if the cop is color blind?? makes glasses useless i guess.

    Why is it that Brazil has this before America does? We're dropping the ball.

    honestly people just imagine it this way...

    If you had a massive party in your backyard (anyone can show up there is no guest list) and you had the option to get technology that could identify CRIMINALS that are trying to get into your party, wouldn't you take it?...

    I understand that if the glasses just scanned for criminals in general that would maybe take it too far but what if there was an outstanding warrant for someones arrest for say attempted murder or attempted bombing or something. Wouldn't you feel safer knowing that the police could find these people and make sure they didn't attack one of the biggest events on Earth? I would...

    Ahaha, these comments man. People are so paranoid nowadays. If you don't want your face scanned, wear a mask or something. It's not that hard, and it's not like it's a big deal anyway. heehee

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