Beyonwiz Launches WizOTT Android HD Media Player

Beyonwiz Launches WizOTT Android HD Media Player

 title=Google TV may not be any closer to landing in Australia yet, but Beyonwiz has hacked together a media player that may tide you over while you wait. The WizOTT is an Android-powered box that offers FullHD media streaming playback plus the widgety joy of an Android device.

Obviously, most apps on the Android Marketplace will be useless on a big screen, but some apps, including Facebook, IMDB and YouTube are all HD panel compatible, while the openness of Android means that there will be more TV-compatible apps in the future.

Currently running Eclair (but with a Froyo update in the works), HDMI 1.3, two USB ports, it’s a fairly barebones media device, made interesting by its use of Android as an OS. Wireless N is only available through an optional dongle.

The WizOTT costs $249, which sounds cheap, but doesn’t include any storage other than the tiny bit of flash memory Android is running off. That’s cheaper than a new “Smart” TV though…