Australian Organised Crime Failing In High Tech Crimes

Australian Organised Crime Failing In High Tech Crimes
Hey! Australian organised crime kingpins! You guys need to lift your game! According to the Australian Crime Commission’s 2011 Organised Crime Report, you guys are falling well behind overseas criminals in using technology for your felonious purposes. Where’s your sense of national pride?

According to the report:

Traditional organised crime groups use technology to communicate and to facilitate crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering, extortion and fraud.

There is limited evidence that Australian-based organised crime groups are directly attacking computers and computer systems.

The principal threat to Australia from high tech crimes remains offshore.

Computers and the Internet are now linked to almost every facet of our lives and this electronic connectivity has created new vulnerabilities.

Criminal groups are moving away from traditional methods of infecting victims’ computers through spam emails. Instead they are using what appear to be safe websites and environments which in fact contain embedded malware.

The risk posed by high tech crime is likely to increase in the short-to medium-term.

Obviously, we’re joking. If you are reading this, stars of future Underbelly series, remember that crime is bad, especially those annoying high-tech ones.