Apple Sues Samsung Over Galaxy S And Galaxy Tab

The lawsuits keep coming from Apple. Apple has just sued Samsung for "copying" Apple's intellectual property in their devices. According to the WSJ, Apple named the Nexus S, Epic 4G, Galaxy S 4G and the Galaxy Tab tablet as the culprits of stealing from Apple's iPhone and iPad. The lawsuit says:

"Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple's technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products."



    its about time they got put in their place for their iPhone wannabe rip-offs.

      They're just touch screen devices running almost-stock android.
      Apple might as well start suing every company releasing tablets and smart phones

      I thought there were enough articles on giz about smart-phones that all readers would actually understand basics about smart-phones and their OS's... guess you proved me wrong, armpit...

      Please google android.

      Apple need to get over themselves.

      Are Apple suing Samsung because they dont have the guts to go after Googles Android directly?

      And Just because 99% of smartphones are rectangular (like their Iphone) doesn't mean they're a ripoff.

      Seriously armpit - take a look at your comment, think about it and then think about it some more. Then realise that what you said has no basis, and infact Apple are being (once again) childish

      Kind of reminds me of a certain company many years ago that had been granted a patent on using XOR function (1 of 20 or so 6502 CPU operations).

      I kind of what look to see the end of software patents on things that could not be easily thought up by anyone working in the area, or watching a bit of sci-fi (star trek, blade runner, minority report, etc, etc).

    Yeah, I gotta say, although Apple can be overly litigous, Samsung's stuff is pretty blatant. They're not even subtle.

    I cant believe it took Apple this long.

    If you have the money, sue the competition!

    @armpit, you're kidding right? What, because it is rectangular? Smart move by Apple IMO, I mean... suing a company that makes parts for their products.

    Can I sue Samsung for the ridiculous drop in price of the Galaxy Tab. I paid $999 6 months ago and now it's $299. Makes me want to cry..

    Even though I think these lawsuits are getting ridiculous, I do think that the Galaxy S did make me double take the first time I saw an ad for it. With it's chrome front edging, the layout of apps and the home button, it looked like a cheaper ripoff of the 3G/3GS design.

    I can't see this going anywhere though. Samsung can reasonably argue that their products differ, and they haven't violated patents or IP. It just comes across as a dick move.

    Why do Apple hate competition so?

      Because they like money?

    Maybe Philips should sue all other TV makers for copying the wide screen format?

    LG really needs to get around to suing Apple over copying it's Prada touchscreen phone with its Apple iphone.

    Well, in the worlds of a great comedian, iphone user's are the the same as spastics with a sandwich. orororororrr

    Someone should sue Apple for the camera on the iPhone. Pretty sure they didn't come up with that idea.

      Ask Apple, and they'll tell you they did...

      Probably try suing Nokia, SE, etc. for stealing their plans to include a front facing camera 5 years ago...

    Patents have simply become protectionism for the US market. There are obvious similiarities between smartphones but all the devices including the iphone are derivaties of prior art.
    Apples smart move with iOS was recognising that novice computer users are preoccupied with the desktop and made iOS reflect that and stripped away everything else. It's hard to imagine design features like 'rounded corners' being IP because it's been used in design for hundreds (thousands?)of years. Angled corners are more prone to damage.
    I'm old enough to have owned an Apple II (when you could buy them new!) and there has been very few wholly original innovations since. If anyone can claim to be the forefather of modern GUI OS' it's Xerox from who Apple famously ripped-off the GUI in the first place.

    So, any chance of a judge snapping, screaming "Fuck it" and killing software patents forever? I wish.

    yeah, guess motorola should sue them all for making any mobile phones.

    Isn't everything about the iphone a copy of previous technology anyway? they just make it trendy, change the name and call it their own so their army of sheep follows ... "we bring you Facetime - video calls!" "Multitasking - done the right way" (even though its not real multitasking)

    I can't wait for them to fail this lawsuit

    Biting the hand that feeds. Samsung make half the tech in iDevices. It's not unreasonable that if they implement their own tech into a device that it would bare some similarity.

    The other part of the suit seems to be about the grid of icons. Seriously.. I think even the OG Xerox UI fits the description.

    Well, Apple don't seem to mind biting the hand that feeds them. They backstabbed their main customers (USA) by outsourcing. Now they're backstabbing Samsung who they are dependant on for making their products

    I hope Apple realized that Samsung supplies them with their Retina display, A4 and A5 processors and their RAM modules. Samsung will be like "Lol, we'll take our stuff back thanks.". Expect the next iPhone to be filled with their own technology! Oh boy.

    LOL, rectangular device with rounded cornes, wow thats some serious creativity and original style there....Apple is jsut suing samsung cos they are currently looking to (along with android in general) topple the i-phone.

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