Apple Now Hosting School Excursions To The Apple Store

Apple Now Hosting School Excursions To The Apple Store

Not content with creating a hive-mind of fanboys prepared to spend hour after hour queued up in the rain to buy their next iGadget, Apple has started offering school excursions to its Apple Stores around the country.

Obviously the kids of today are the consumers of tomorrow, so it’s no surprise that Apple woud want to try and show off just how sleek and stylish its products are to the next generation of iBuyers. But school excursions? That just seems a little bit too much like iNdoctrination.

The excursions run from between an hour and 90 minutes for classes of up to 25 kids between K-12. Apple describes it as a fun “learning” experience:

Take your students on a Field Trip to an Apple Retail Store for an unforgettable learning experience. On their Field Trip, students can create something amazing right on the spot. Or they can bring in a project they’ve already created and turn our store into a theatre, sharing their achievements with parents, teachers and friends. No matter which option you choose, everyone will have a great time.

As much as I love my Apple products, as a parent I’d be concerned if my son’s class wanted to offer an excursion to a retail store…

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