Apple Has Dropped iPod Prices By Up To $50

The Aussie dollar is literally kicking the US dollar's butt at the moment, and Apple has adjusted its iPod pricing to better represent that change. The new prices are up to $50 cheaper than the old ones!

Apple made the price cut discreetly last Thursday across the entire iPod lineup. Savings range from $4 for the iPod Shuffle - down from $69 to $65 - to $50 for the 64GB iPod Touch - down from $499 to $449. Generally the savings sit in the $20-$30 range.

While the cost of an iPod is still slightly more expensive in Australia than the US - even with the current exchange rate factored in, it's now a lot closer than before, and the difference can be accounted for given the economies of scale and the cost of distribution in Australia vs the US. Although we're not quite sure why the price cut is limited to just iPods and not the entire Apple range...


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