Apple’s Next Marquee Store To Be In Brisbane?

Apple’s Next Marquee Store To Be In Brisbane?
 src=Australian Apple stores have been a bit disappointing, really. After the massive glass facade of the George Street Sydney Store, Apple has been stuck opening stores in shopping centres around the country, all of which lack the over the top design that makes Apple stores so unique. But that could change very soon, with Jen Dudley at News telling us that the Cupertino company could be eyeing off the historic MacArthur Chambers in Brisbane as its next marquee store.

While there’s no official word that it was Apple who approached Brisbane City council with plans for a $10.5 million renovation for the building, Dudley points out that all the hallmarks of an Apple retail store are there:

Although Apple is not mentioned in the application, the planned renovations have all the signatures of its outlets, including twin glass doors, a “new colour scheme of shades of white”, illuminated interior signs, a stone floor and, tellingly, “new feature stairs”.

Should this actually be the work of the fruity company, it would make the building the largest Apple store in Australia at just under 2000 square metres.

Time will tell if both the application is accepted and if Apple is indeed hoping to spread its wild retail oats into BrisVegas, but it does look kind of promising for our Queenslander Apple fans.