An iPod Touch Capacitive Home Button Doesn't Make Any Sense

There are pictures floating around the intertubes today that purportedly show a next-generation iPod touch with no physical home button. It's shown up on CrunchGear and 9to5Mac. And it's almost definitely a fake.

The idea of a capacitive home button the iPod touch seems like a ludicrous shakeup, something that would lead to an incredibly inconvenient user experience. So much accidental clickage! So much quitting out of apps in the middle of a killer Boggle run! It would also eventually have to roll out to the iPhone - since there's no way Apple would sacrifice synchronicity in their product lines - which would be a whole other disaster of hang-ups and such.

So while these pictures of a 128GB iPod touch are popping up left and right, don't put a whole lot of faith in it. Especially since you're just a smudgy device and a Photoshop stamp tool away from making your own. [CrunchGear, 9to5Mac]

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