9 Ventriloquist Dummies Capable Of Devouring Your Soul

Just look at them - with their beady little eyes and flapping heads. And don't bother going to sleep tonight, that's just the opportunity these crafty bastards are waiting for. You can thank our friends at Oobject.com for the nightmare fuel.

Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody

Contestants in the 1948 gameshow program, Who's That Girl?

This is the only one in the list that isn't a genuine act, but rather a mashup by Aeron over at Eaten By Ducks. However, it so perfectly captures everything that is malevolent about vintage ventriloquy that I felt impelled to include it.

Extremely upsetting Edwardian ventriloquist

Henry Rox with Matt

Popsy a simply made dummy for the amateur ventriloquist

Publicity stills (unidentified) circa 1945 collection Jim Linderman

The ventriloquist who refused to be a stripper

Thora a Victorian transvestite ventriloquist

Looking for more skin-crawl inducing, people-shaped mechanisations? Take a look at these 12 videos of Creepy Automata or these Medical Manikins, you weirdo.

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