10 Tools To Help Run Your Way Back Into Shape

10 Tools To Help Run Your Way Back Into Shape

If your summer was spent lazing about under the air conditioner while eating everything in sight, that’s totally cool, but you probably gained a few unwanted kilos as well. Now it’s time to get back in shape. HEY, LET’S GO RUNNING.

Reebok Premier ZigFly Shoes: You can’t run without proper shoes. Well, you can, but then you gotta deal with problems with your feet, knees, shins, back and ankles, which is no fun. Reebok’s Premier ZigFly running shoes makes use of their wild-looking ZigTech design, which uses the squiggly foam sole to not only lighten the shoe, but actually add a little spring to your step. $US100.[imgclear]

Adidas TechFit Compression Shorts: The elasticity of compression shorts can help improve your endurance by keeping your posture and the movement of your muscles in place, and can also reduce skin chafing when you’re on an especially long run. $US25.[imgclear]

Nike+ SportWatch GPS: The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS will not only tell you how long you’ve been running, how fast your heart is beating and how many calories you’ve burned, but also where you ran. It has a TomTom GPS module built in which will track the exact path of your run. When you get back home, you can upload the data to your computer where pops up on a map, showing you the total distance and pace of your run. It also just looks great. $US200.[imgclear]

Apple iPod Shuffle: Music makes any run better, especially when it’s a song that gets you psyched up. The iPod Shuffle holds hundreds of songs, is durable, lightweight, and has tactile buttons, so you can switch tracks without having to look down at the thing. $US50.[imgclear]

Sennheiser PMX 680 Sport Headphones: You’ll also need a good pair of earbuds to go with that iPod shuffle (or whatever MP3 player you use). Especially key is getting a pair that will stay in your ears. The Sennheiser PMX 680 headphones not only have a neckband to keep those buds stable, but they’re also resistant to moisture, such as sweat and rain. Plus, Sennheiser generally knows what they’re doing when it comes to sound. $US8.[imgclear]

PolarMax TransDry Cotton Shirt: Staying dry while running can be a challenge, but PolarMax’s superwicking TransDry shirts might help. Specially treated cotton is woven in with standard cotton, which gives the shirt the moisture transferring ability of a synthetic material. However, the feeling and breathability of cotton remains. $US30.[imgclear]

Omron Pocket Pedometer: OK, maybe you don’t want to run at all, but you prefer to get your exercise in by staying active within the flow your day-to-day activities. Carrying a pedometer around will keep you aware of how much you walk around on a daily basis, and how many calories you’ve burned. $US33[imgclear]

iTreadmill iPhone AppThere are those of you out there who use your iOS device for EVERYTHING, including fitness activities. If it’s a running app you’re looking for, check out iTreadmill, which also has pedometer functions, but also allows you to set goals for the distance/# of steps/or calories you’d like to burn in a given time span. $US1.[imgclear]

Dr Scholls Massaging Foot Spa: Your feet will probably be sore after a run longer than a couple of miles, and you should take care of them. Give ’em a soak after your workout so that they’re not killing you the next day. Dr Scholl’s Foot Spa will not only give your feet the massage treatment, but will also surround them in refreshing, bubbly water. $US30.[imgclear]

Homedics VM-150 Body Revitalizer Massage Mat: The rest of your body will need some care as well, and with the Homedics Body Revitalizer, you can get the heat and massage treatment out of the way at the same time, lessening the effect of the the inevitable stiffness in your muscles. $US38.[imgclear]

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