World's Largest Online Paedophile Network Busted

194 sickos were arrested and 670 paedophile suspects have been identified in what is believed to be the biggest bust of the world's largest online pedophile network.

Those sick bastards participated in an online forum named (70,000 members) where they discussed their twisted fantasies, which wasn't exactly illegal, but became illegal when they moved to private channels to exchange pictures and videos of children being abused.

The arrests (more are coming) are the result of a three-year Europol investigation where investigators infiltrated the website to find the paedophiles. More countries joined the investigation once they realised the online network was international. The operation involved tracking the online movement of paedophiles from forum to forum, rebuilding a server to gather more info and most importantly, saving 230 kids from abuse. [Channel 6 News via Geekosystem]

Image Credit: Cobb Sherrif

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