William Shatner Is 80 Today (!) And We Love Him

It's hard to believe, but the man who ushered an entire generation (boldly) where no man had gone before is now about as old as your grandpa. But we love you, William Shatner, and wish you a very happy birthday.

Shatner, still known best as the dashing James T. Kirk, is a legendarily good sport with a tenacious career - and most recently proved his awesomeness by recording a special wakeup message for the crew of the Discovery. Although his participation in the Shit My Dad Says Twitter-turned-book-turned-awful-sitcom is a little dubious, nothing could rock the guy's place in our hearts. Especially if you've ever seen his moon-shattering, spoken-word '78 rendition of Rocket Man. Sometimes I just watch it over and over and over. So happy birthday, Kirk.

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