What Can We Expect From The New Blade Runner Movie?

Yesterday we learned that Blade Runner was getting a sequel or a prequel. We spoke with the producers behind this project and asked them your burning questions. So, will it be Blade Runner 2 or Blade Runner Origins?

We spoke with the producers of the new Blade Runner film: Andrew Kosove, Broderick Johnson and Bud Yorkin. And here's what they told us. Find out more on io9.


    "Just like the world we're living in today is profoundly different from the world eight years ago"

    no it isn't...

    the only difference is that our phones are fancier... and we have slightly different ways of talking about the same mundane stuff...

    in fact if anything, the only difference is the space program is now even FURTHER behind than it was 8 years ago!

    as far as technical advancement goes... I see no real difference worth mentioning... certainly no flying cars!!


    also, how was your first question not: "WILL HAN SOLO BE IN IT!!!1!1"

    YAY! this is exactly what I didnt want!

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