Website Lets You Address Rumours About Yourself For $US1000

There's always those rumours that get passed around so much - Tommy Hilfiger hates black people! Ciara is a dude! - that it's passed off as fact. But what happens when they're not true? I guess you can go to

iCorrect, a recently launched website, wants to become the platform where famous people go to tell their side of the story. The accused address a specific accusation and come clean with their own correction. If you want to protect your reputation and squash any talk that you're a cat killer? You pay $US1000/year to be a member which allows you to post an item saying that you actually love cats. Hah! Case closed, now everyone will know the truth. Never mind the fact that by rehashing the rumours, you're drawing more attention to the false accusation.

In other news, Twitter and Wikipedia are still both free to use. [iCorrect via NY Times]

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