We Need To Be Surrounded By Screens While Watching TV

A nice little study to prove the increasingly obvious: TV isn't enough anymore. No, one screen is pitifully lacking - instead, we need to be in constant communication with our pals (and strangers) while tuning in.

Eight out of 10 respondents to a recent British survey said they use some form of social networking (Twitter, mostly) while watching their favourite programmes. That's a lot! And the trend is certainly more than just a Brit thing - a Nielsen and Yahoo study from last year showed similar findings for Yanks.

Is this a good thing? Hard to say. But it's becoming the status quo - and hey, it seems like that's alright! A full 34 per cent of those polled said chatting while TVing is "fun", with another 32 per cent saying it was "more interesting" than just watching TV all by its boring self. [Reuters]

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