We’re Not The iPad 2: Local Pricing Announced for ViewPad 10s

We’re Not The iPad 2: Local Pricing Announced for ViewPad 10s

Just so you know, we’re not all completely mind-boggled by the iPad 2 today. Yes, there are alternatives. We’ve posted about it here before, but you could do worse than consider ViewSonic’s ‘we’re not an iPad, we’re a ViewPad’, if you’re still desperate to grab an Android powered tablet under $600.

That is, for $599, the ViewPad 10s represent something in the way of decent value if you compare this launch to the bungled release of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab which first hit shelves late last year at the mysteriously bloated price of $999.

There’s a bunch of extra nerdy bits on the inside of the ViewPad, including a NVIDIA Tegra 2 (1GHz) mobile processor, HDMI ports and the chance to play 1080p videos. True, all this might be enough to sway you towards the ViewPad, but seriously, you’ll first need to kindly divert your pulsing eyes away from the iPad’s 2nd coming to make a proper appraisal.

Android versus Apple tablets: is that even a fair comparison? Let us know below.

[via Viewsonic]

Update: There’s been a bit of confusion with the ViewPad 10s lately. The 10s is NOT a dual boot tablet (as this article states) and runs on Android 2.2 in Australia. However, the US released ‘ViewPad 10’ does indeed offer dual boot. And the original picture we ran may have shown this option.