Want A 3G iPad 2 And Own An iPhone? Here's How You Save Money

Set on buying an iPad 2, but not sure whether you need the 3G version? Have an iPhone? Then maybe you can save $US130, plus $US15/$25 every month. Here's how.

Step 1) Follow these instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone and create a Wi-Fi hotspot. It's not technically condoned by your provider, because they want you to pay an extra $US20 a month for the purposes of tethering. You can read that last sentence as "they want you to pay an extra $US20 a month for using data you've already paid for." Screw that. Do this instead, and pay only $US20 once.

Step 2) Connect your Wi-Fi-only iPad to your phone, wirelessly, and you get online.

The only problem comes from the fact that using your iPhone as a hotspot uses up your battery fast. The iPad has a much larger battery and can last a while even if you pound on that 3G connection. Your phone does not. But, the price of an iPhone battery pack is less than $US130 (usually half as much), so you now have a battery pack for your phone and the satisfaction of not having to pay twice to use what you already paid once for.

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