Vodafone Creates Community Forum So You Can Complain To Their Faces

So, the Vodafone network's been overwhelmed by a deluge of criticism recently? Customers have flocked to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, plus community forums like Whirlpool to complain about poor coverage and service from the telco. But tracking all those sites is hard work, so Vodafone has created a community forum so you can bitch about the company to their face.

Called Community, the site is a fairly generic forum site. At the moment there isn't a lot more than a page of people introducing themselves, but that's sure to change should the network fail any time soon.

To be fair, Vodafone are actually pushing forward in a good way following all the negativity. They've committed to upgrading the network and this forum - while small - is still another way to engage with consumers, which can only be a good thing.

[Vodafone Community via ZDNet]

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