Vodafone Bribing People To Nokia C7 By Offering Free Apps

Nokia may be moving to Windows Phone 7 next year, but that doesn't mean the company is giving up on Symbian just yet. The C7 has just been launched for Vodafone and 3 customers, and in an attempt to convince users that Nokia has apps too, Vodafone has promised that all apps downloaded to the C7 before the end of May will be free.

Available for $0 up front on a $29 cap over 2 years or a $45 Infinite plan over the same period, the phone is obviously targeting the lower end of the smartphone market. But is the offer of free apps between April 4 and May 31st enough to convince people to sign up to 24 months of Symbian? Especially given that the offer is only available for apps downloaded through the Ovi store, and the downloads themselves do use up any data allowance you have in your plan. The apps are also "only for use on a Nokia C7 handset" according to the T&Cs, so you may not be able to take them with you should you move on from the C7 in the future.

So... Any takers?


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