Visitors May Ignore The Fact You Have An iPod Plugged Into This

It's a beauty, isn't it? From the loins of Korean architect Shi-hyung Jeon, the Horn iPod dock has been inspired by traditional Korean dress. If you squint, it almost looks like two sleeves enveloping the central dock.

The curved design also supposedly boosts the audio quality, with manufacturer LG Hausys touting these specs on its website:

Frequency range: 6Db 47Hz ~ 20KHz Drive units 8 x 3 inch full range driver Amplifier output power 2 x 25W Power input voltage 240V ~ 50/60Hz Rated power consumption 20W Standby power consumption 3.7W Inputs 30 – pin iPod connector Height 1312 mm Width 600 mm Depth 395 mm Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White (6 and 12 mm)

I doubt it'll ever go on sale outside of Korea, but perhaps it can be used as inspiration for those countless third-party dock accessory makers. [LG Hausys via Mocoloco]

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