$US200 Android Or Chrome Netbook Sounds Good, Asus

Tablets have come along and killed the netbook, but let's face it - the netbook market was having problems way before the iPad ever reared its 9.7-inch head. I mean, THE PRICE! You can pick up a fully fledged laptop for the price of most netbooks.

Asus wants to get back to its roots (with its 7-inch 701, which cost $US188 back in 2007), and start offering something running Android or Chrome, for around $US200 - $US250. Suppliers are tipping the netbook as being in partnership with Intel, and launching in June.

Crucially, Asus has cottoned on to the fact that adults don't have hands the size of a squirrel's, and will make the netbook's size between 10 and 11 inches. If Asus really can make a decent travel (or back-up) netbook for a decent price, even I might consider one. [Digitimes via CrunchGear]

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