Unlocked Or Not, Motorola Promises To Grant 4G To Your Xoom Tablet

Future Motorola Xoom owners who enjoy messing around with their gear, rooting their gear or otherwise modifying it in some way, take note! Motorola is promising to accept your tablet with open arms during the "send it away" 4G upgrade process, no matter what.

How kind and incredibly unlike their competition they are.

But! There is one small detail that you should know before sending in that hacked, sticker-covered Xoom. That detail being users are asked to revert back to the tablet's original firmware before sending in, lest the upgrade not be guaranteed.

Motorola, to their credit, will still install the 4G LTE modem during the process even if you don't want to revert, it's just that there will be no guarantees the software upgrade will work. [Motorola via Engadget]

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