UnityRemote Makes Your iPhone A Universal Remote

UnityRemote Makes Your iPhone A Universal Remote
 src=There are quite a few solutions that let you use your iPhone as a universal remote. But the Gear4 UnityRemote is the first that does away with the need for a clunky dongle in the bottom of your mobile. And it’s now available in Australia.

The UnityRemote is a Bluetooth IR transmitter – it connects to your iPhone over Bluetooth and when you give it a command using a dedicated app, it will beam out the signal in a 360 degree IR blast, controlling your devices like a universal remote.

You can pair up to eight iPhones to the device (although only one can control it at a time) so you don’t need to give your iPhone over to the missus when she wants to watch reruns of Sex In The City while you’re playing Fruit Ninja.

The downside is that the transmitter box costs $199, which is more expensive than picking up a cheap Logitech Harmony, despite the similar setup process. But if you prefer the idea of your phone doing everything for you, it sounds like it’s worth checking out.