TiVo Number 1 in sales for HD-PVR in 2010

Given TiVo’s staffing woes last year, we’re not quite sure what to make of these sales figures. I guess the good news for TiVo is that they obviously sold more than they expected during a difficult year for the company. According to TiVo’s latest figures, TiVo sales grew more than 29% in December 2010 under what was widely considered by economists to be a fairly lacklustre retail season.

This means that TiVo continues to be the number one personal video recorder of choice in Australia, outselling their closest HD-PVR rivals by 2 to 1 according to the company. It's easy to recognise that its new $499 model price is an attractive level to entry without the need for on-going monthly fees.

However, given the boom in IPTV technologies, including the popular FetchTV bundle available from iiNet, TiVo is likely to experience plenty of future competition in this popular space.

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