Time Warner's New iPad App Streams 32 Channels Of Live TV

Time Warner, my cable company, whom I hate, has finally entered the app foray with TWCable TV, a free iPad app that lets subscribers stream 32 channels of live TV - including ABC Family, BET, Comedy Central, MTV and others - right to their tablets. I must say, it works quite well!

The design is clean and simple and AMC HD looks better on my iPad than it does on my TV, where I'm used to the audio cutting out completely and Don Draper's face getting the Cubist treatment from compression artifacts every other scene. But I digress.

TWCable TV is a small triumph for Time Warner, first in that it actually works and second in that it does something that no competitors (aside from maybe Dish Network) have offered thus far: live streaming TV. Unfortunately, that's all that the app does. You can't change the channel on your cable box or manage your DVR or anything like that. It's just 32 channels. Nothing else. And while I suppose there will be a time when I'll be grateful to have a second portable TV screen that I can carry around my apartment, I couldn't help but feel, as I was lounging in bed and realised that my iPad, a few feet away, was blaring a Geico commercial, that this is not how the future was supposed to be. [TWCable TV]

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