This Star Is So Cold That You Can Actually Lick It

Seventy five light-years away there's a star called CFBDSIR 1458 10b. I would call it Star Latte. See, Star Latte here is a brown dwarf star so cold that you can actually lick it.

In fact, it's the coldest star ever detected. Only 97C. That's about the temperature of a cup of fresh coffee. It wouldn't taste as good as coffee and you'll probably die trying to dunk your muffin in it, but it is that cold. For comparison, our own home star is about 5800K on its surface (9980F or 5526C).

Star Latte was discovered by Michael Liu and his team using the W.M. Keck Observatory and the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, at the Mauna Kea mountain, in Hawaii. While having ice-cold cocktails, I can only hope. [National Geographic]

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