This Motorised Skateboard Cruises For Miles Off-Road

Normal skateboards are fine and all, but don't you ever get sick of pavement? It's a little limiting, no? Fiik makes skateboards that cruise wherever you want, using an 800-watt motor and chunky, off-road tyres. And that motor's controlled by remote - you steer yourself like you would an RC car.

The process seems like it might be a little disorienting at first, but it sure looks fun as hell from this video. Especially if you're a rad dreamy surfer dude like this guy. [Fiik via Core77]



    Skateboarding on the road doesn't get boring. Especially when your doing 80km/h

    I will be happy to look after it while he goes for a surf...I wont be there when he gets back though.

    On a side note, how fast does this thing go, and would he have enough juice to get back home!

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    Just bought this one:

    Lol yes, I do a lot of impulse buying.

    I would like to know how to order a Motorised skatboard please. Can anybody help . Cheers Ian

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