This Is The Scariest First-Person Video Of The Japan Tsunami Yet

This first-person view is the most terrifying and unbelievable video I've seen of the Japan tsunami. Initially everything seems ok, just a mild wave coming towards the camera. Then, the sea goes Godzilla on the city, destroying everything it finds.

To watch more first person videos of the tsunami, click here. [Thanks Rebecca Roth!]


    The camera person seems far to close to the action for the sake of a great video...

      seriously- too close to the action for a great video?? i dont think the person was aiming for an academy award, they captured the amazing non-stop force of the water carrying anything that wasnt fixed to the ground, and even ripping some of those up! it got my adrenalin going and i'm sitting cosy in front of my computer

        I think you misunderstood. I'm pretty sure Tim isn't saying it's not a great video, he's saying the camera person shouldn't have put himself in such great danger by being so close to the water, purely for the sake of a great video.

    JFC do these people have any idea, just stand there and point, Ohhhh loooooky, as for the person doing the video. Well i'm damned sure i wouldn't be standing around watching, i'd be high tailing my ass ouuta there.

      Where would you run to? They are obviously on a hill now surrounded by water. All they could do is watch.

      where woudl you go? you saw how fast it changed from puddle in the road to houses tearing down and floating downstream. there's literally no time at all. less then 5 minutes it took.

      hightail it to where?

        They had nowhere to go - this happened in seconds and they were as high up as they could go. You could see the camera person had no idea what was about to happen as he/she was originally standing down the bottom of that ramp. He/she hightailed it up the hill when it was necessary. I have a lot of admiration for whoever it was. They stayed so calm and took some brilliant footage. I don't know how they didn't make a sound. NOt even heavy breathing or gasping. Just filmed like a pro.

        yamama's house


    The (almost) most amazing thing about this Vid is that the camera-man doesn't say a word!! I would be using every expletive I know ....

    Holy @&^!

    That is just so unreal. The devastation is just catastrophic.

    "Then, the sea goes Godzilla on the city"?

    Please have some respect for the people of Japan, My Japanese house-mate found the video informative but the comment offensive

      Jason, I don't think your comment is necessary. Sometimes you need to be aware of context. Not everything is said to offend people, despite what you may believe. Not everything is said as an insult or a lack of respect, as you may believe. This is a great post which allows us to see the horror of the Tsunami from the point of view of a Japanese person, unfortunate enough to be stuck right in the middle of it. Japan is a strong nation and I have no doubt they will pull together and build the Country stronger than ever before.

        It's not the video my housemate (and now her other friends from the Japanese) is offended at.

        It's the comment At the start of the article saying the tsunami is comparable to a character from entertainment.

    Pretty standard flood footage really, no matter the source. But well done nevertheless. The camera-person would've had to be brave.

    =(... 4:18 I think there was someone in that van

      I think you're right. Must've been an awful feeling

    The water just gets higher and higher, and carries away even more stuff.

    I'm happy I live 90km inland.

    What could he do? He was obviously at the base of some kind of hill or lookout, so had a place to retreat - do you suggest he should have taken off down the street? How heart breaking it must be to see your home town washed away like that. It seemed so innocent at the start...

    What do you do when your city is like that? Clean it up or just move?

    I should put an ad up on craigslist, I will put up a couple of Japanese students if they want to fly over.

    Not to make light of a tragedy, but that would be EPIC to surf.

    Video appears to be offline... Is there other source?

    OMFG the power behind all that water is just huge, i never knew what it looked like to see a tsunami with such power, good work on the camera person with how calm and easy he/she made it look, you see everyone else on the hill freaking out and he/she staid as calm as if nothing was happening, i wish japan as much luck as they need and hope things ease up soon, they have been through alot the past few days. are there more videos of the tsunami, i went on the link but it was all the earthquake, which once again OMFG.

    The water just wouldn't stop. You would think that there would be some ebb and flow. But it just keeps coming and coming. How scary and I too cannot believe how calm everyone was... not a word spoken, hardly a gasp!

    Absolutely unimaginably hyper gloomy situation!!!
    God where are you!!! Please forgive us and save us!!!

    Jesus. It begins as a 'regular' flooding. But then the houses start to float down the street.

    "the sea goes Godzilla on the city"

    Can you be any more tactless? Asshat.

    For all those years we have abused the planet, the planet has had enough and getting its own back. The world is not at peace, there is unrest with man and nature.

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