This Is How - And Where - Science Dies In Our Classrooms

In just the first three months of 2011, nine bills have been introduced in seven US states, which allow creationism to be taught in our schools' classrooms. Four of them have already died in committee. Four are still under review.

And one - which says biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, and global warming must be taught as "controversies" - has already passed.

It's absurd that more than 85 years after the Scopes trial we're still arguing the validity of evolution. And sad that this story isn't anything new; there are already states that have had laws like this on the books for some time. You'd just hope that over time there would be fewer attempts to undermine science in our classrooms, not more. And that our kids would learn that the real controversies are when the line between church and state gets blurred in 9th grade Biology. [Mother Jones]

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