These Camping Lamps Pivot And Twist However You Need Them

Kelty, the famed backpack, sleeping bag and all-around outdoor gear company, is now making some uber-versatile lamps for your next camping trip.

Instead of traditional stoic camping lamps, the Kelty LumaTwist (left) and LumaPivot (right) are fully adjustable, bending and shining however you want. That's because both lamps have two completely rotatable LED panels that can either twist or pivot in any direction (depending on what model you buy). Good when you need direct light to pitch your tent and double good when you need indirect light to light up an area.

The LumaPivot spits out 210 lumens from 15 LED lights and packs up nicely, weighing in at under half a kilo. The LumaTwist is a shiny beast at 350 lumens from 13 LED lights that can literally be pointed in an infinite number of directions. $US50 for Pivot, $US60 for Twist. [Kelty]

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