The Week’s Best iPhone Apps

The Week’s Best iPhone Apps

Last Night Never Happened: It’s an app that deletes all of your drunken social network updates the morning after. We’ve all done some regrettable things while drunk, this app tries to erase them from our social network memory. Let’s see what Kat would do with the app:

“Let me see…I cracked open that first bottle of wine at 8pm, so knowing the way I drink I was probably sozzled by 8.30. That means I need to delete my social updates from 8.30 last night to this morning.”

That’s the commentary which would run through my head if I used this “Last Night Never Happened” app, which deletes all activity you made on your Twitter and Facebook profiles, spanning back however many hours you select.

Smart! $2.49

Color: A new sort of social network/photo sharing app, Color shows pictures of the world around you and “friends” people by your phone’s location. Color uses your phone’s sensors (GPS, triangulation, accelerometer, even microphone, etc) to finds other Color users who you’re in proximity to. Once found, the app will automatically add them to your “elastic network”, which means you can see every picture they take from now on (whether you know them or not). It can be potentially amazing for concerts, events, and parties but is kind of confusing and awkward to use when you’re just sitting at home.

Everyday: You’ve seen the snazzy videos where people take a picture of themselves everyday for six years and then show off their hard work in a time lapse. My look at how much facial hair I’ve grown! Oh look at my new double chin! Those movies take a lot of time and effort. Everyday for iPhone does the same thing-take a picture of your face everyday-without any of the effort. Your pictures are saved, the app stich ’em into a video for you, it sends you push notifications. All you have to do is show your mug. $2.49

Celeste: Jailbreak only. Davey says:

Celeste is a new jailbreak app that allows you to send and receive files using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with any Bluetooth-transfer capable device. You can transfer songs, photos, videos, contacts, and more, with the feature pretty well-integrated into your iOS apps; you might even forget it wasn’t there originally.

It’s US 10 bucks via the Modmyi repo in Cydia.