The Week’s Best Android Apps

The Week’s Best Android Apps The new app (which is available in beta right now) has gotten quite attractive and is a huge improvement over the current official version. The beta uses a tabbed interface (sorta similar to eBuddy) and has a brand spanking new UI where everything is a lot easier to use. The beta is only a “preview” of what’s to come in the official 2.0 update but from what I’m seeing, it’s pretty much ready to go. One thing: I don’t like how the “Send” button is near the text box and not on the keyboard itself. Free.

Color: A new sort of social network/photo sharing app, Color shows pictures of the world around you and “friends” people by your phone’s location. Color uses your phone’s sensors (GPS, triangulation, accelerometer, even microphone, etc) to finds other Color users who you’re in proximity to. Once found, the app will automatically add them to your “elastic network”, which means you can see every picture they take from now on (whether you know them or not). It can be potentially amazing for concerts, events, and parties but is kind of confusing and awkward to use when you’re just sitting at home. A little crashy on Android though.

PhotoWall Live Wallpaper: Husain in the membrane says:

PhotoWall Live Wallpaper makes live wallpapers intensely personal. It goes beyond using the pictures in your gallery and extends to Facebook. The app can suck your Facebook pictures, your friends’ Facebook pictures and any pictures you’re tagged in to make a neat wallpaper.

Disaster Alert: Davey says:

If there’s anything the Japan quake has taught us, it’s that disaster can strike at any moment. PDC’s Disaster Alert app for Android can help you cope with this scary fact by giving you real-time alerts on the world’s active hazards, including earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, storms and more.


Logitech Squeezebox Controller: Control Logitech Squeezebox players with your Android phone! Kat imagines the scenario:

The Squeezebox player may be in the loungeroom, but you’re in the bedroom and really need a power-song to get you out of bed. Flick on your Android-phone, and choose Europe’s The Final Countdown. Now prance out of bed as the soft-rock melody fills your house.