The $US12,500 Groupon You'll Never Use

Groupon! Never before have you been offered so many art classes at such low, low prices. And while the site's bread and butter is often, well, bread and butter at a semi-fashionable local restaurant, one recent deal offered a whopping $US12,500 discount. Too bad it's not for you.

The offer came from IT consulting firm Ajilitee, who's handing out $US25,000 worth of a best practices audit or a "Cloud Opportunity Map" to the enterprise sector. Or to you, if you happen to need your cloud opportunity mapped.

So far no one's bought it; it's tough being a business-to-business vendor in a consumer-driven coupon world. But I'm hoping it pays off for Ajilitee. Because the more big-ticket items find a home on Groupon, the closer I get to buying a small island at 80 per cent off. [Groupon via FastCompany]

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