The Trike Powered By Two Bosch Power Tools

Nevermind your concerns over the safety of the EX trike; just think of the thrill you'd get as the wind strokes your face when hurtling down the road at 30km/h. Built using modified bike parts and a pair of Bosch power-screwdrivers, the driver steers by twisting their body to move the back wheel, and controls the brake and gas with just a squeeze of the handles.

Worryingly, the EX trike website says that "the headlong position gives you an exiting driving experience", which is certainly a freudian slip if ever I saw one. As you can see from the image below, the engine is actually a pair of 18V Bosch power tools, meaning the driver could have a few spare Li-ion batteries stashed in his backpack for an extra-long trip.

It's probably just as well this EX trike is the work of several enthusiasts, and won't ever see the light of day in a bike shop. I mean, just look at it! [Nils Ferber via EcoFriend via OhGizmo]

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