The iPhone Apps Everyone Should Have Feb 2011

The iPhone Apps Everyone Should Have Feb 2011

The end of the month has come and gone, and that means it’s time to do a little housekeeping on our list of the absolute best iPhone apps. Who will be inducted? Who will unceremoniously get the boot?


Rdio: It’s our favourite subscription music service and can easily replace your iPod app altogether. The baked-in social elements make it super easy to find new music your friends are digging, and the whole app just got an attractive makeover. $US10/month.[imgclear]

Google Translate: Google Translate’s been kicking around for a while, but the new native iPhone app really makes translations enjoyable. It supports tons of languages – many of which it’ll speak back to you – and has handy features like full-screen text translations for when you’re waving your phone at some bewildered cab driver. Free.

NBA Jam: I was gonna have to go Ron Artest on EA if they bungled the iPhone port of this classic, but thankfully they’ve turned out a excellent, faithful update of the original. “He’s on fire.” “Boomshakalaka.” Big head mode. It’s all there waiting for you. $6.[imgclear]

Camera+: After a brief beef with Apple over a (much-missed) volume button shutter easter egg, Camera+ is back in the App Store and updating at a steady clip. It has a bevy of filters and effects that make Hipstamatic and Instagram look downright cheap by comparison. $1.19.[imgclear]


CameraBag: Every iPhone photographer needs a catchall filter app for adding some artistic flair to their shots. Hipstamatic can make them look, uh, hip, but CameraBag can make them look like everything else. But Camera+ is back and kicking butt.[imgclear]

Rage HD: The highly anticipated first person shooter on rails from the guys who made Doom and Quake is finally here—Rage HD might not be anything special in terms of iPhone gameplay, but visually it’s one of if not the most impressive iPhone games yet. Even as a tech demo, it’s kinda astounding. …And then Infinity Blade came along.