The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have Feb 2011

The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have Feb 2011

Another month, another set of apps evaluated for inclusion on our list of the best iPad apps. Who are the big winners in February? Who gets the boot?


The Daily: Overall, it’s probably the best iPad newspaper/magazine/multimedia experience/whatever to date. There’s a tremendous amount of high quality content in a variety of sections, with sharp writing, beautiful photos, and well-produced video sprinkled throughout. Free, for now.[imgclear]

The Atavist: For some people, the iPad is the device with the potential to liberate long-form journalism from the distracting confines of the PC. It’s with that noble aim that the Atavist, an app that vends long-form, multimedia-enriched articles, was created, and it’s off to a promising start. Free, $4 per article.[imgclear]


Pennant: With a staggering amount of data for every game dating back to the ’50s, Pennant isn’t just a valuable resource for baseball nerds but also an example of how beautifully a dataset can be brought to life on a tablet. $6.[imgclear]


TED for iPad: How can you use your futuristic computing device to enrich yourself, as opposed to just, you know, distracting yourself? Settle in with the TED app, a slick portal for some of the most thought-provoking content the internet has to offer. Free.[imgclear]

IMDB: A recent facelift makes the mobile IMDB a significant enough improvement over the website to warrant inclusion — IMDB has all the movie information you could ever want, as well as trailers and showtimes for the here and now. Free.[imgclear]

Marvel Comics: Comic books for the 21st Century. Marvel serves up its host of heroes in a slick, easy-to-read app. Issues can be purchased a la carte or gobbled up buffet-style with a $US50/year digital subscription. Free, about $3 an issue.[imgclear]

Me and My: Designed and built by Aussie parents, Tokeru’s collage app lets kids create pictures of themselves and family members with beautiful paper cut-out dolls that’ll remind you of your scrapbooking days. $2.49.[imgclear]

Words With Friends HD: With its recent expansion into the wide world of Android, there have never been more friends to play against. Words With Friends looks its absolute best on the iPad, allowing you to survey the board like a general overlooking a battle field. $4.[imgclear]

Labyrinth 2: Remember that game where you turn the knobs to navigate a little metal marble through a maze without letting it drop in any of the holes? Turns out that’s just as fun when there are no real knobs or marbles involved. Fun for both kids and kids at heart. $10.[imgclear]


None! But we’re comin’ with an axe next month.