The iPad 2 Is Bleeding

The iPad 2 Is Bleeding

Well, it’s bleeding, yes, but the “blood” is backlight poking through around the edges of the screen, as defective LCD screens tend to do. Ultimately, we’re unsure whether or not this is a widespread issue.

From an anecdotal perspective, I can attest that one of the two iPad 2’s I’ve handled since Friday had the exact same issue, in the exact same spot, as the one presented in the accompanying YouTube video.

Uneducated alarmists would assume that this, coupled with a video depicting light bleed on another iPad 2, means 66% of all iPad 2’s shipped this week are defective. Outrageous!

Of course that’s not the case, and I’m being facetious, but nevertheless there appears to be at least two iPad 2’s in existence today that have light bleed issues. Adjusting the brightness level helps somewhat.

That there are some minor hardware issues with a small percentage of units in new product launch is, of course, nothing new, but I’m curious to hear from the readers anyway. What has your experience with the iPad 2’s LCD screen been like? [Engadget]