Telstra Offering Vague Guidance For Smartphone OS Updates

It's a problem we've discovered all too often - every smartphone outside of Apple's ecosystem needs carrier approval for software updates, which means that customers can spend weeks, if not months, waiting for information about when they'll get the latest update. In a baby step forward, Telstra has started offering some vague guidance on when different smartphones on its network can expect updates.

As Gus over at Lifehacker points out, there's a few too many "TBCs" for the page to actually be too useful. There's also no indication of how often the page will be updated, which could render it pointless if the information isn't the most recent possible. But those complaints aside, it's still a much better alternative than what we had before - a huge serve of rumours, unconfirmed reports and uncertainty over whether or not the updates would even appear. Let's hope the other Telcos follow Telstra's example here.

[Telstra via Lifehacker]

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