Telstra Not Introducing A $29 Bundle Fee As Planned

Telstra Not Introducing A $29 Bundle Fee As Planned

 title=Remember that $29 connection fee Telstra was planning on introducing to bundle contracts we told you about last month? Our tipster inside Telstra has just informed us that it was scrapped yesterday, the same day it was meant to be implemented. Win!

While the connection fee itself has been scrapped, the changes to the combo plans are still in place, which as Dan pointed out, doesn’t necessarily mean that customers will be losing out.

Given the reason Telstra gave us for the fee was to “cover the administration costs associated with establishing new bundles from standalone services”, you have to wonder how they managed to find the cash to cover those costs now that the fee isn’t happening.

We’ve contacted Telstra’s PR arm to confirm the death of the fee, and will update when we get official word.

UPDATE: Telstra have responded and given us this statement:

We think it’s simpler not to have this fee, so we’ve decided not to introduce it.

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