Tag Heuer's Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Watch Wants To Take Off

It may be the first watch to ever measure (and show) what 1/1000th of a second looks like, but your friends down the pub won't care for that. They'll just keep asking you to "make it fly again!"

Tag Heuer has apparently applied for 11 different patents with this Mikrotimer Flying 1000 watch, and if granted that'd be a record-breaker apparently. The real prize is that 1/1000th second-measuring dial, which makes 10 rotations for every second.

Other than that, the black titanium carbide case and black ruthenium-treated pieces inside finish the look off nicely. It'll definitely be a watch to crave once it goes on sale - but as for dates (and prices), Tag itself isn't too sure, as they admit that further development is needed to make sure it will be as reliable and durable as every other watch they've ever created. [YouTube via Uncrate]

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